Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#26... waiting.....

Quietly closing my eyes, I see in front of me
What I once tried so hard to forget
Yours and mine, the song

Do you still remember
What we experienced together?
Those happy times?
I can only wait

I can say nothing
Watching your tears flow
We can only love each other
Compared with the pain of regretting you
This is easier
Can you not return to my side?

I should have quietly let you go
As I stood at that place again
Looking at you walking slowly away
Silently crying
In such a cold season

Even if you return once more


ichaqTAPAIputeh said...

what are u babling about??
fall in love?? ahahaha~

hasril107 said...

hahaha jatoh chenta ke aku nie???
ngan sape eee......?

狂気の人々mrSEWEL said...

ape ko mepek nie hasril???
xpaham aku
siot je
aku xphm la jiwang2 nie

asraf ahmad said...

ape ar nk pikir cinta2.wuit pun mak bapak support lg...!baik kumpul wuit dulu,lg pun skunk pempuan cari laki berduit ma..!lg sa2 nanti x de wuit rumah,kereta,perabut rumah sape nak byr???!!!so,wat mase skunk x yah ar..,nak bercinta cintun!!nape aqilah dah melamar ko ke??/hua100x..

hasril107 said...

elehh jamal tk paham konon hak3
saje la aku wat pos nie aku tk de ape nk buboh hahaha....