Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Together with nature

the best camp ever!!
during our "wajib" camp which is in co-curriculum subject
to get there we have to ride in 4x4 drive
that fell like roller coaster ride
very challenging

we got to do everything by our selves
still there is schedule to follow
but it turns everything to hilarious funny moments
when you got to hear your friends screams to counters their fear
when doing
repelling from 37 foot tree~
water obstacle~
playing with mud to catch fish for our lunch~
orienteering in the middle of the hot sun ~

relaxing in the middle of the forest with wonderful fountain

I recommended this camp

"Anugerah Alam Batangsi Recreational Camp"

the water is sooooo clear

go there with friends and family never going to disappointed you..

relaxing and washing after catch cat-fish in mud pool