Wednesday, April 15, 2009!!

Hari ni aku rase sngat tk tenang.. tk tau knape.. may be because of I still waiting any reply from all the application I did kot huh... apela naseb manusia ini.. i cant do anything accept to wait.
Kalau ade rezeki nye ALHAMDULILLAH. kalau tk de pon nk wat cam ne.. i cant confess for what happen it's all have become a history to my life, now i have reopen "the book of my life" and write something new........ i do not know what I'll write in that book perhaps something wonderful hehe...

anyway good lucks to all my friends
wishing all the best to each and every one of you



ichaqTAPAIputeh said...

nkn ke postpon?? hohooo~

hasril107 said...

sukehati ko leee