Thursday, March 3, 2011


to those people:

if you insist to stay in 15-3B
make sure that you pay the house rent.
no money is not an exception for you
if you think you can't just stay with your own
beloved heavenly house where you think
you can live there for free.
(ko ingat kitorang ni banyak sangat ke duit ~rumah masing2 jauh tu pon sanggup gak nk bayar)

15-3B is not a hotel for your to go in
and out when ever you like.

we'll not going to tolerate for those people that wanted to live
in 15-3B during examination weeks only
take your trash and leave the house


adibahmustaffar said...

ha. sape tuh ?? haha

hasril107 said...

heheheh tau aje laa sape heeh

Myralissa said...

mcm kenal je ini org..hahaha..kuarkan je die..don put the trash in ur house..coz its so busuk keyh..