Thursday, March 5, 2009

#9... Superb biodata

name: C.a@cey_ay
Real name: HAfizuddin
Hometown:Gopeng, Perak
Details: Hafizuddin work part time as a singer(bathroom & dorm)
Champion of B6 rubber rop jumping competition.
Like to become model as you can see in the picture
His idol is Rihana
Dont ever try to make him mad ifnot you'll be
sleeping for a long time

Name: ciga
Real name:Fairuz
Hometown:Ipoh, Perak
Details: Called as the guardian of semeti SRC/library
He want to be a model
Thinks he so slim(picture)
Head of Ciga Teory Inventor Club (KRRC)

Real name:Faez
Hometown: Hutan Melintang, Perak
Details: Part time model
Miss...ter semesti

p/s bende ni saje-saje nk bergurau jgn marah hehehe...

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